I’ll never understand why these books are so popular.

I’ve been reading several of the popular bestselling series lately, you know, the ones they make into movies, and I’ve got to say, I’m not that impressed. I’m not saying they’re complete crap or anything, but I really have no idea why they became such big sellers.

The Harry Potter series started out decent enough, fairly interesting storyline though a little long winded, but over the course of its seven books it seemed to only go down hill. I found most of the characters to be either annoying or boring in personality, and the overall plot-line was a bit lame. Honestly, the only character I liked in that series was Sirius Black. And since he came in in book three and then died in book five, well, there was a reason it took me over five years to finally finish the last two books.

I’m not going to say much about the Twilight series, because, well, I don’t have anything nice to say about it. Okay, I’ll admit that the author can write well, but the plot sucks and the characters are even worse. I mean it’s a story about sparkly vampires. That should be enough to have the entire series black listed forever, but then it has to be written inside the head of one of the most boring people in the world. The only reason I managed to finish all four horribly painful books is because I mocked it the whole way through. It just goes to show that the ability to write does not a good story make.

From there I moved on to the Hunger Games trilogy. Honestly, I was disappointed with the first book. It was too much like a watered down version of Battle Royale, which is a much better story no matter how you look at it, and the main character was wishy-washy in almost everything she did. However, since I’d forced my way through Twilight I refused to give up on a story that had the potential to be infinitely better. It turns out I was right. Each book in the series got a little more interesting, culminating in an ending that was pretty well thought out. I wasn’t impressed with all the odd names in the series, it was almost like the author was trying too hard to be unique, but overall the series wasn’t bad.

After reading these series I doubt I’ll pick up another book that’s considered “popular” or “bestselling” by the masses as I obviously don’t have the same taste as them. I’d rather stick to authors I know I enjoy, like Mathew Reilly and Agatha Christie.



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