Another shooting?

I just read the story about the shooter that took out all those people at the school in Connecticut and the first thought that went through my head was that there was a shooting just a few days ago. My second thought was what kind of monster do you have to be to kill all those innocent children. I’m not condoning murder, those who commit this act should face harsh punishment, but if you really feel the need to kill someone then just kill them. Why do these people take out those around them as well? Especially the kids. What is this world coming to? Soon we’ll have to have metal detectors and armed guards outside every single building because otherwise people will be too afraid to go anywhere. I have my concealed pistol permit and to be honest I’m seriously considering carrying it around with me whenever I leave the house. At least that way if I get put in a situation like that I won’t end up helpless like all the other victims.

To those who’ve lost someone in a senseless massacre like the one today, my thoughts are with you.



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