Could You Survive a Zombie Outbreak?

I’ve been watching/reading a lot about zombies lately and it got me thinking . . . would I survive an outbreak of zombies?

Now I know most people would probably answer ‘hell yes!’, but I have to wonder if they truly thought it out or simply jumped on the let’s kill things bandwagon. Because let’s be honest here, living through an actual zombie uprising would suck.

Imagine losing your friends/family (possibly even having to kill them yourself), could you do that? What about having to constantly be on guard? The unending terror? The fact that any day could easily be your last?

How long could you stand being alone, or worse . . . being surrounded?

Sure, it’d be fun for a little while -getting to play with dangerous toys and basically doing whatever you want-, but do you really think that would last? Once the novelty wore off, and it undoubtedly would, what would you do?

Most of the stories out there focus on the survivors, the ones who learn to adapt, and rarely show what happens to those who don’t because, lets face it, there’s no need to point out the obvious. But every time I see how many people they’ve kept alive I can’t help but shake my head. Do they really think that many would survive?

Not me. If the zombies don’t get you lack of supplies or those hell bent on living will. And if by some stroke of luck you do manage to survive, well, you’ve got to wonder how long you’d want to keep it that way. Honestly, how many ‘people’ could you put an end to before turning the gun on yourself?

Everyone has their breaking point . . . how long do you really think you’d hold out?



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